Laix B3 Tactical Pens

LAIX B3 Tactical Pen Review – Better then the B2?

Can The LAIX B3 Replace the B2 as the go to EDC Tactical Pen?

The LAIX B3 Tactical Pen has proven quite successful sales wise in our UK Amazon Store coming close to the levels of the mighty LAIX B2 Tactical Pen reviewed last week. In this post we take a closer look at the B3 line of tactical pens and discuss the pros and cons of the range.

LAIX B3 Tactical Pen Range

Like most of the LAIX offerings the B3 range comes in three main color schemes:

  • B3-H in Tactical Black
  • B3 in Gun Metal Grey
  • B3-R in Bronze / Silver
From left to right: B3-R (Bronze), B3-H (Black) and B3 (Gun Metal)

From left to right: B3-R (Bronze), B3-H (Black) and B3 (Gun Metal)

The picture above shows the range in the presentation boxes and as you can see the colors and boxes are all standard LAIX.

The Glass Breaker

One of the key things for a tactical pen is the end attachment. This is usually a glass breaker (such as on the LAIX B2 range) or a DNA catcher (like on the LAIX B1 Tactical Pens). The B3 goes with a small spike around 5 mm tall with the base located around 1 mm from the edge of the pen on the diameter.

This is an interesting choice as it may not look as impressive as the glass breakers on other tactical pens but additional design features have been made on the B3’s that compensate for this for use in a tactical situation. What it does mean though is the pen is stands out a lot less then some of the other tactical pens on the market whilst still providing the same level of usability as a glass breaker or kubotan.

The LAIX B3 Tactical Pen Body

Like many other of the pens in the LAIX range the Body of the B3’s is made from Aluminium and features a clip for holding it in pockets just below the glass breaker.

Closeup you can see the ribbing used to provide extra grip as well as the the glass breaker "spike". The pen clip is attached just below the spike end which is removable.

Closeup you can see the ribbing used to provide extra grip as well as the the glass breaker “spike”. The pen clip is attached just below the spike end which is removable.

What makes the B3 an interesting choice for a tactical pen is the ribbing that features heavily at both ends. This allows you to maintain a secure grip on the pen when using it as a kubotan or glass breaker from either end with the ribs towards the top assisting in maintaining grip whilst using the spike end and towards the bottom the extra ribbing allows you to use the nib end as well. This is ideal for people seeking a pen for use as a kubotan as no matter which way you hold it you will be able to maintain a good grip on the B3.

LAIX B3 Pen Action

Just like the B2 before it the B3 features a twist action for deploying/storing the pen nib. Unlike the B2 though the B3 tapers down quite significantly towards the nib as can be seen below:

B2 and B3 Tactical Pens Side By Side

B2 and B3 Tactical Pens Side By Side. Notice how the B3 (left) tapers compared to the B2 (right)

This is very useful in a tactical pen because when you combine the tapered nib with the ribbing for extra grip you effectively get a tactical pen that can be used as a double ended kubotan. When the nib is retracted the end of the B3 can also be used in tactical situations although doing this on a regular basis is likely to damage the pen.

Like most LAIX tactical pens the B£ range use a standard “Parker” style pen cartridge that can be found from any good stationary store and come in a presentation box which is cardboard with a foam insert for the pen.

The Sector 38 Opinion on the LAIX B3 Tactical Pen Range

The B3 is a great tactical pen and much better suited for every day carrying compared to the B2 due to its lower profile looks and tapered end which makes it much easier for people with smaller hands. The ribbing on the pen is a nice touch and ensures no matter how slippery the situation you find yourself in you should be able to keep the B3 in your hands.

The Glass Breaker is not as deep or sharp as on other models in the LAIX family of tactical pens but that does not stop it from being useful. In fact the double ended nature of the pen makes it more suited for use as a kubotan then the B2 and it feels nicer in the hand to write with.

Personally though i will be sticking with my Franken-B2 (which i will document in a later post) over the B3 but this is a purely personal choice. I like the chunkiness of the B2 and have modified mine a lot. However for anyone looking for a tactical pen for use as a kubotan and EDC you can’t go wrong with the B3 line.


Area Score Comments
Glass Breaker 7/10 the small spike style may not be enough for some
Self Defense 9/10 One of the best, excellent double ended kubotan
Design 8/10 Ribbing enhances grip, nice taper at nib, if only the glass breaker was longer.
Overall 8/10 A good low profile tactical pen which is better suited for self-defense then as an emergency glass breaker. Ideally suited for EDC use and users with smaller hands


Where to buy the Laix B3 Tactical Pen

LAIX B3’s from Sector 38 eBay Store