New Camouflage Tactical Pen From LAIX

LAIX pens are our best sellers and the B007 line having a nice sleek look whilst packing the punch of a tungsten glass breaker for emergency situations. Currently the 007’s are availible in the usual LAIX colors of Tactical Black (B007-H), Bronze (B007-R) and Grey (B007) but when checking out the latest models i spotted something very interesting: The B007-M in Camouflage!

Below is a picture of the model range. We are expecting these to arrive at Sector 38 in 2-3 weeks and will put up a review when they arrive but in the meantime here is a teaser shot of the 3 cool camo options availible on the new B007-M tactical pen line:

B007M Tactical Pen line up

I like Color 1 but we have all three of these tactical pens arriving. think i will keep one for myself!